Be My Cuckold Boyfriend

We have been dating for a little while, and I indeed like you! Youre so sweet, and you do so many nice things for me. You truly are a prince arent you? Except for one little little problem in your pants. You know a woman like me is crazy and sexy and while I love your company, I just cant see myself fucking that lil'! I have a proposal for you sweety, if you want to keep me, youre going to have to let me have other guys in my life. Ill let you watch of course, and youre so good at spoiling and pampering me that I really want to be with not in bed! And you know youll never get another woman as hot as me to go out with you. So just accept that Im going to have other lovers, maybe another boyfriend. And when its time for us to have babies, well, I cant wait to see whos they are, since we know they wont be yours!