Biohazard Attack – A Bag Full Of Stinky Socks Nylons

Today Ive an extreme surprise for the slave - I havent done my sock laundry for a few weeks - and now Ive a bag full of worn, enormously stinky socks! I order him to sit down in front of me - and he keeps a distance since he can already smell them! Very first I grab a pair of socks and make him smell them - and make him smell the socks Im presently wearing - then shove his head into the bag to give him the full practice :-D Hes bellowing in disgust, but there will be no escape - I even use my foot to press his face into the socks and then sit down on the back of his head to keep his face in my socks! In the end I use some duct gauze to keep the bag taut over his head - hell smell my stinky socks for the rest of the day like this!