Blackmail Slave Financed Our Beauty Weekend

Here comes our well-deserved weekend. I make some plans with Carmen Fire for a wellness tour, which will be financed by out paypig, just like it should always be! He comes in the room and brings a rose for each of us. Yeah. Nice. But what about the money? I count the bank notes and feel the rage inwards of me boiling like hell - is he serious?! We just accept and think in bank notes that begin with a green but he only brought pathetic 50 euro bank notes, and all in all its far too less for a luxury wellness weekend! Cant believe he indeed thought he could please us with that! May he take his smashed roses and stick them into his butt hole, we dont need that pseudo romantic poo, we want money! He leaves and comes back again after a while - with the double sum this time. There we go! But maybe theres still more money on his bank account!