Breath Reduction Deluxe After Sports

I love it when my feet smell enormously after sport... choose I wear this sneaker or ballerinas... even sexier it is, of course, when I visit directly get after exercising and my feet are gooey beautiful sniffed and eaten my slave... the smell alone makes him Nationals! There are only a few air slots in the rubber mask through which he has to inhale my extreme foot odor.... my feet or feet are completely on his face... the stronger I press on his face, the less air he gets... and that is stiffer schwnzen always the less air he gets... just awesome this power! So now leak... He luschst and licks as delusional.... my divine toenails neon glow orange in black light... Los well catch you to lick.... to take him completely the air I put him simply times the entire foot in his mouth!