Broken Toilet 22 – 2017 X-mas

Its that time of year again! See what we get up to during the holiday season at House Tempest If you like more direct feed type crap feed movies directly from booty to mouth then this movie is for you! We commence with me providing my slave the honor to eat my smelly booty. But in a position that Ive never done before. I stood on a platform so my arse is almost in line with his inferior face. This way I can tower over him as he licks my booty. Making things better is the massive mirror in front of me so you can see me literally from two angles and witness my face as my booty gets tongue fucked while Im wearing my X-mas hat. It only gets better. For the very first time ever you will see my slaves mouth making contact with my vagina. Its his X-Mas present from me. The honor of sealing his mouth over my vagina so I can take my big morning piss right in his mouth! He let as much of it run down his mouth until the strong salty bitter taste gets too terrific. As he pulls away a little I love witnessing the strong yellow stream of my morning piss overflowing his mouth. Ultimately my bladder is empty and I present him with my butt again. He buried his face into my bottom, sealing his mouth over my ass hole. With the help from the massive mirror you can love watching my back arch as well as the expression on my face as I begin to take a poo into his mouth. See how he pulls away leisurely as his mouth gets full. Greedy bastard swallowed most during this semi-direct feed but luckily theres still plenty of shit for you to see. You can see my creamy turd slither out from between my ass cheeks piling on top of his mouth. Under my watchful eye he sucks on my shit in full view for you, gagging from the horrible smell taste as he swallowed a bit too fast while his mouth was over my asshole. Like a good toilet he buries his face into my ass again to lick my asshole clean for me. Bonus Material:Me as well as my property toilet slave Devoted Sub give you a personal message wishing you Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday season. But thats not all! Watch me take another shit into the regular bathroom toilet. You think Im going to waste water flushing those nasty turds away that I pushed out in front of your eyes? Watch how I push his head deep into the toilet, right into the pan of water and my turds so he can eat them right in there. With his hands handcuffed behind his back he is pretty helpless. You get this 15 minute video INCLUDING these bonus material for only 11. 99 as my present to you! xoxo.