Broken Toilet 26 – Diarrhea Explosion

WARNING!! This movie is NOT for the faint hearted as it contains EXTREME suffocation scenes as well as very foul diarrhea. Goddess Tempest got some fresh garments! Its the very first time its being used in my movies :-Ever wondered what your toilet slave is doing and telling about you behind your back? Well I have! So I had a hidden camera installed to see what my slave gets up to when Im not around. You wont believe your eyes and ears!!! He is mocking me and calling a friend from my phone, telling his friend I am as Dumb as a bag of smashed butt-holes The AUDACITY!!! He WILL be Penalized HARSHLY!!! I embark off by confronting him and telling him he will receive two extreme penalties. The very first will be suffocating him leisurely for my pleasure. I pull a thick crimson pillowcase over his ugly face. This is already restricting his breathing severely permitting very little air in through the thick fabric. I manacle his forearms behind his back and restrain his feet gams to ensure there will be no escape for him from this brutal and sadomasochistic penalty. I sit on his face with my full weight and get very excited feeling his fight to get lil' drops of air and loving the stimulations from it on my already engorged moist vagina. By the 1 minute mark he commence screaming for air grace and its so fucking hot I commence to masturbate in order to please myself. Every 10 seconds I tell him how long its been and its at 1 minute and 20 seconds 07:25 into the movie that an intense orgasm hits me. I keep the pressure as a squirt to ensure my woman spunk soaks the pillowcase, cutting off the last bit of air he was able to get fully, almost like with waterboarding. My orgasm lasts 30 seconds and halfway through it 07:36 into the video he cries, sobbing and wails of agony intensify my orgasm so much you see my buttocks shake, almost like twerking. I show no mercy and keep on cumming despite his intense agony and despair. He should be grateful he can SUFFER for the intense PLEASURE of his superior Goddess. Knowing the true terror and agony he is going through being suffocated so long only makes my orgasm last longer and he wont get any air until my orgasm is over because I am ENTITLED to experience such intense pleasure at his expense. His ordeal is not over yet though. Just because I came long and hard doesnt mean he wont face his second punishment. I had loads of hot curry and its creating havoc on my insides. Let me assure you, taking such an explosive liquid diarrhea shit into someones mouth is amazing! As the horrendous smell reached my nose I just kept pushing with the cramps. My asshole was on fire as my diarrhea ran out of me like a tap. Directly into his mouth, over his face and settling into a creamy puddle on the floor. Hearing feeling those gassy liquid explosion from your ass and knowing its going into someones mouth and over his face is better than sex!!! I filmed him up close for you afterwards so you can see my light colored liquid shit with little solid chunks in between leaking from his overflowed mouth, his head laying in the puddle on the floor where it ran down the side of his pathetic face. Its almost leaking into his nose and seeing his nose so close to it got me highly aroused again. If it smells this bad waaayy up here I can only Imagine how bad it smells with your nose so close. I could feel my vagina leaking down my legs from arousal. I will NEVER get tired or bored of doing this to my slave! DISCLOSURE:Please NEVER attempt this at home as it can be extremely dangerous. My husband was behind the camera the entire time in case something went too far. Smothering suffocation can be extremely dangerous even if you have years of experience. My husband, my slave and I are all trained in CPR and have over a decade of experience in extreme smothering suffocation. Do NOT attempt to try what you saw in this video in ANY way, shape or .