Clean Up My Muddy Big Feet

A must see for every dirty foot worshipper. A masochistic dirty foot idolize from beautiful Lady Karame. With her very dirty and muddy feet she orders her slave to clean them. Her feet are gorgeous even with all the filth on them. Her slave starts his job with the dirty feet munching leisurely from the heel to the toes. Her feet are so dirty that it takes several long strokes of eating to eliminate some of the mud. In the process the slaves mouth gets so full of dirt that he gags several times. This entertains Lady Karame immensely as she laughs and giggles. Then the slave is ordered to lick in between each and every toe. This turns out a big challenge for him as he gets exhausted with all the mud and dirt removal. But Lady Karame is not satisfied with his performance and she is not in the mood to be merciful. So she starts shoving her toes in his mouth one after another and order him to do a better job. All of his struggle to resistlady just makes Lady Karame more dominant and happier.