College Student Spitting Domination

The youthful college student Tsuki comes home from school and goes to have lunch with her fat teacher. They belong to a very odd school, in which people behave truly weird: Fat Teacher, for example, likes to lie half-naked on the floor for hours and hours, while Tsuki 19 years old chooses sitting cosily on a chair and digging her high-heeled slippers deeply in the soft skin of her prof. In the Realm of Nature, Mama-Bird feeds lovingly her little creatures and tries to smash the grains using the beak and breaking them down in order to feed who are still incapable of masticating the food by whereas in our dysfunctional college, during a funny conversation about her school days, Tsuki eats crackers and cheese, chewing them and spitting them out, directly in Teachers mouth. What a disgusting lunch!