Cuckolding 93

LESBO-CUCKOLD MASTER Indignity PART 1Sadistic Princess Nicole has today invited her sapphic friend Taunting Princess Scarlet. The two are recently a lezzie duo. Scarlet has been looking forward to Nicole today, both are already hot on each other. But then Nicole exposes to her that her bf will come soon. Scarlet did not know anything about a friend yet. Nicole wants to make them a threesome. But Scarlet is indeed lesbo! She rejects and generally makes studs. But Nicole attempts to persuade her. Then already comes her man - its the Master Humiliator in person! Nicole instantly stumbles upon him and Scarlet see the scene jealous from the couch. But after all she is so thrilled about the master that even as a lesbo she makes an exception and joins to the two. Subsequently the 3 smooching together passionately. Until it finally comes over Nicole and she drags the other in the bedroom. Once there,the master discovers a heap of misery in the corner. Amused he asks his lady what a loser this is? Nicole explains to the two this is her slave who is always there, serves her, does everything and never gets anything for it. The Master and Princess Scarlet laugh at him latley and scoff at him extensively. Then sadistic Princess Nicole orders him to watch as a real man becomes a blowjob. Humiliated in the ground the slave has to take the shoes of the master off, smell his feet and take off his socks. Meanwhile the two dominant princesses kiss the master lover passionately and worship him goddess. But for the slave they have only verbal abuse and insults. They make fun of him and order him only to smell their feet. Then they start to blow the tail of the master. Crouching drooling in the corner the keyholdete slave can only watch as the two super hot blonde ladies fervently suck their lovers cock.