Dirty Piss Party 02 Nikki Cam

I am always so creative when it comes to dirty tasks for my slaves. I have my girlfriends make their footwear extra dirty before they come, after all I have slaves that takes care of such problems. The slaves think they are going to get any kind of pleasure from us, so they always keeps their hopes high. But we are not here for their pleasure, you are simply here for our entertainment or convenience. Since you are futile in any other way we can only use you for dirty tasks as our toilets! I order one of the slaves down on the ground, because I need to piss and I indeed do not want to go all the way to the toilet. I urinate a lot in my toilets mouth, and he have to guzzle and savour the taste of my champagne. The other slave needs to drink as well, so I give him a mouthhole to love as well. Both my girlfriends needs to piss as well, so we give one of the slaves a double shower. In his mouth and on his useless little dick. The other slave is consuming the champagne from Minnie. Pathetic losers! This is all you are good for!