Dont Be Fooled By My Cute Face

Lovely and brutal. No matter how nice i look in my pink undergarments today,i can be as fierce that it drives you crazy. And now matter how often you crawl back to me you just get the middlefinger. Get taunted and denied again. Its truly a curse to be you isnt it? You only can look at me how i seductivly taunt and torment you. Showing you exactly what you never get. But my body, my teasing works that cock up so easily. You stroke like crazy while you get all those nasty words in your face. Thats how pathetic you are. And thats how it will be forever no matter how cruel i get with you. The fun thing is you will never expirience my soft, warm skin and how it feels touching it or my how it is to massage my perky tits or how amazing it is to explode deep in my pussy full of lust. You will never know how it is to get intimate with me like my alpha does. Now stroke your pathetic dick again to the cruel reality.