Double Converse Trampling And Spitting Torture

I teamed up with Madame Madison for this brutal movie - were both wearing low converse and begin by trampling the slave hard. We walk and stomp all over his figure, stand on his head and hop all over him! Then Madison gets on my back and I trample the slave under our combined weight. We cant stop smiling as we see him suffer under our feet - but that was only the beginning of his torment! Next he has to get down on all fours and we kick his belly from below - until he breaks down and is unable to get up anymore. We drag him over to the kitchen isle and make him sit down - then step on his legs and start to spit all over his face. We finish him my pushing him onto the floor with his face down and spit on the floor - then make him lick the spit from the floor. In the end his head is pushed into the spit puddle on the floor and we leave! This was a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want meus to do a custom clip for you contact me at com!