Eleonore Punishes The Cheap Slave

The slave indeed pissed off his mature mistress Eleonore by buying cheap drinks instead of champagne. Maybe he doesnt think shes worth Champagne? Well, hell be disciplined either way. She steps on his chest wearing high heel boots and digs the acute high-heeled slippers into his skin - while the slave attempts to explain himself and begs her to stop. But she wont stop anytime soon! She steps all over his chest, tummy and face before she sits down on him and takes off her shoes. But of course she continues to trample him under her bare feet - he doesnt get off that easily. Now she tortures him by standing on his body tip-toed, concentrating her full weight on only a few square inches of his skin. She also jumps on him a few times before she gives him a rest - for the moment!