Erotic Cuckold Tease

He honey thanks for taking the time to sit down with me. Well i truly need to talk to you. Its about our hook-up You already noticed that im not blessed with our sexlife, did ya? So i was thinking about something that could make me glad again. And i truly want to explore something fresh. So the thing is i want to go to a swinger club tonight. And we will go together BUT,... Well you will take care of my needs like snacks, drinks, champagne But for the rest you will wait in the corner. While i will explore that sexy club and hopefully some sexy alphas. I will let you come home with me and hopefully some alpha jizz-shotguns but you cant be in the bedroom tonight. I need it when you understand what i mean,... Well so what do you think of the dress im wearing? Is it sexy enough? Im so exited for .