Facesitting For Disobedience

I blindfolded my slave and tied his palms and feet. Defenseless, he lies on the ground. And why? He was once again a lazy pig. Has only got his nose on my beautiful footwear and touched his little wiener! Worst of all, he does not want to admit it. I have my own special means of getting the truth out of him. He will run out of breath soon. My beautiful, big booty, in my sexy humid look leggings, drowning slowing on his face and nose. In the beginning, he finds this penalty of course titillating. Which man does not want to lie under my hot butt and inhale my intimate smell. But breathing gets harder, the longer I press my buttocks on his face. Will he finally confess? He gasps for air, his whimpering and begging is barely audible under the weight of my body. He will not stand it anymore longer and I will get to know all the pitiful truth.