Facesitting Is Free – But Breathing Is Expensive

This slave indeed dared to ask me for a discounted facesitting session... Ive an even better deal for him - a free facesitting session! But of course, it comes with a little twist... while the facesitting might be free, breathing is going to be very expensive. I grabbed his wallet and took out a entire stack of 50 Euro bills. Hes permitted to tap off as often as he wants and Im going to let him breathe... and take one of the bills from his stack and keep it! I throttle him under my sexy black leggings and love how this cheap loser suffers under my butt. I can feel his inward conflict - attempting to last as long as possible to not lose another 50 Euro. But in the end hell have no choice but to tap, he cant hold his breath forever and his will to live will be stronger than his will to keep his money :-D And I very well know how to speed up his spending - sitting down hard every time, extending my gams over his bod to sit on his face with my full weight and providing him only brief rests in between. Slowly but steadily his money wanders into my pockets and we wont stop until everything is gone. This is going to be way more expensive for him than any session before!