Foot Slaps 3

Richie begs to be permitted to smell and to smooch Vanessas feet; Vanessa suggests him a game after that at which he is tied up; Richie already has hopes, as tied up this most likely they will he etc. keep their feet into the face. But it comes differently; Vanessa triumphs over Richie with female power; She plays with his randiness; Yes, he gets her feet, keep a bit different, however; His face puts you for themselves in front of him and shoves feet away with hers; She only keeps the foot brief again so as if he might slurp it to, him at once, thrust into the face again with that; And there are a duo of crashing smacks with her feet on its cheeks from time to time, too; Vanessa likes this to humiliate a man by its own randiness; He grabs you at the nose and shakes degrading him with that and misses him offending slaps; And it laughs to it for him at all the time; He then gets, it finally happens one of its feet to him also again anyway when he wants to kiss and to lick with the foot away, stuck by the face.