Hands Trampled Under Vans In The Skate Park

I order the loser to put his palms on the concrete edge and instantaneously commence to talk over them with my VANS sneakers. Hes in ache as his fingers get squished inbetween the hard concrete and the mean rubber tread of my boots - but that was only for starters. I concentrate my full weight on just his fingers and hes suffering as I stand on my tiptoes to apply even more pressure to his fingers. Next he has to put his arms on a metal rail and I stand on them with my full weight - this way theres only a little contact area and the pressure is even greater! Ultimately, he has to put his hands on the concrete steps and I jump down on his hands a couple of times. I nearly broke one of his fingers as I must have twisted the finger while landing :-D After some more trampling, I sit down and order him to kiss the shoes that just hurt him so much!