Her First Experience Using A Foot Slave

My friend Virginia was totally psyched when I told her about the excellent pleasure of having a private slave - and lets be fair - every woman should have a masculine servant at her guideline at any time! I brought her over and told her to wait in the armchair while I went to get the slave. He has to embark by smooching her sexy high high-heeled slippers - then lick them clean as well. Before I take off her shoes I make him kiss and lick mine as well - then its time to worship Virginias bare feet. She quickly isnt satisfied by just getting her feet kissed - and shoves her toes into his mouth - making him suck her toes one after another. And of course he has to lick her foot soles as well. While hes at it he obviously gets to kiss and lick my feet as well. Ive a gut feeling well see Virginia using the slave more often in the future ;-.