Holiday Poops For My Toilet

I have been saving my sexy poop for my thirsty toilet slave. I know you want to have all the poo that comes out of my hot booty this Christmas. You are longing my booty, and you need to stay close to my booty and get all the kaviar that comes out of my arse for the holidays. I celebrated the holidays with friends and desired to empty out my ass before going to my friends house for Christmas Eve, so I was sure I could share my Christmas Eve holiday shit with you, my toilet. I had the urge to go Christmas morning after eating breakfast, so I went in my friends bathroom, and got a little poop on their toilet. I went to a big fancy holiday buffet on Christmas Day where I could eat as much as I wanted. All the foods tasted so yummy, and I was thinking of you while I was filling up my plates and my belly full of delicious foods and desserts knowing you would love seeing all the shit that all the food makes. Enjoy watching and following me to receive all the shit that comes out of my ass this holiday! I love feeding my toilets!