Human Footstool For Smelly Nylon Feet

Alessia a youthful and sexy individual trainer knows very well that her overweight client, Mister Apnea, is entirely crazy about her and is willing to do anything to accomplish her desires at any even at the cost of his dignity! So, while switching through the channels looking for her beloved news station, Alessia calls him to have some joy: Mister Apnea has to lie down on the cold floor Mister Apnea hates these things but he cant say no!, while the bad woman puts her dirty black boots directly on his white clean sweater how bitchy she is! The ItalFetish producer is a man very patient, but he has his boundaries; so, he begs her to take off at least her dirty boots in order to be her human footstool under stinky black stockings worn for many consecutive days and not under fucking muddy boots! The insane fitness instuctor accepts this compromise, knowing that Mister Apnea is a barefoot lover and not a nylon fan I repeat: how bitchy she is!. Let the Smelly Pantyhose Sniffing Session begin, ladies and gentleman!