I Give You A Hand

The most heinous arms gaggingSlave are you thirsty? Dont worry your Lady give you a arm. Haha. You will eat a dog food with the ketchup and jalapeno souce. You dont need to do enything. You have your lovely Lady and she help you. Like she always does. Are you not blessed? If you dont want to eat like a good dog I make you to that! Open that ugly mouth right NOW!!! You eat all what I prepare for you and you dont have a choice! I use my forearms with crimson plows to help you. Haha stop scream and gagging its pointless I wont stop! I put all my arm to your mouth to help you eat that poo! Are you throw up? You cant eat that much? You are so abominable! You eat that anyway! I put all back to your mouth and squeeze your nose with my hands. I dont care that you cant breath and you are and swallow all! Its so funny looking at you when you cant move with no air only your eyes look for a help and a mercy. You are my slave but I always will feed you dont Look at you slave! You are all dirty and smelly like a shit! I must clean up your disgusting face. I use to do that my toothpaste! Shut up I know its a good dog and let your Goddess to wash you up. I clean your face and throat. Your Lady want to have a nice and shiny doggy HAHA.