Lesson Learned Bitch New

Fresh dame Tatiana is lean, fit and very strong. She has seen Brooke in matches before and wished to challenge her. Special rules however: A knockout match. Brooke was arrogant in accepting thinking fresh damsel knew nothing and has no practice. Brooke was faced with the toughest challenge of all here. Tatiana is skilled and has had prior training. Brooke suffered some very severe headscissors that almost knocked her, but Tatiana decided to be nice and not knock her out so quick into the match. Tatian has large breasts and put them to good use, smothering Brooke repetedly with them. With facesits galore, Brooke was wearing down quickly. Nearing the end, Tatiana asked Brooke if she gives, she refused, so with that, Tatiana facesat Brooke until she was literally. Gloating in her first ever victory, Brooke lay beneath her, as she poses for the camera!