Lick My Dirty Shoes Before I Meet My Friends At Shisha Bar Goddess Sheila

part I: GoddessSheila: I want to go out soon. I will meet up with friends in the Shisha Bar. Since my boots are dirty, it is now your job to munch my footwear clean. On my knees at my feet and slurp my dirty feet clean. You have to slurp my insole too. I dont want to embarrass myself with dirty boots in front of my friends. Be my good foot slave. part II : I want to go to the shisha bar with my friends and unfortunately my favorite summer shoes are dirty. How good that there are foot slaves who lick the dirty soles of your shoes clean. He has to lick the dirt off my soles. He has to lick where my toes and heel have left an imprint. I want to go in 15 minutes, so the slave has to hurry.