Mistress Gaia – Abused For Our Pleasure

My mistress friend and me have our slave on the floor, and we have determined to have some joy manhandling our bitch. We warn him he must not make too much noise or hell be severely disciplined. To get heated up, I stand over him and press my stiletto into his belly while my friend gets him to gobble and smooch her stiletto high-heeled slippers. Then we get down to making him suffer, as we sit on top of him and go to work on his puffies and balls. Hes making a lot of noise, so to shut him up we take turns at facesitting on him. I so enjoy hearing those muffled sounds under my beautiful ass, as my slut gasps for air and tries to breathe. We continue to make him suffer more, as I kneel on him with all my weight while my friend grabs his balls and gives them a good squeeze. We finally leave our bitch on the floor while we go for some coffee. We still have to consider his punishment for making too much noise while being abused for our .