Mistress Gaia – Ball Abuse Whipping

Today I want to train my slave a lesson in obedience. He has been neglecting his duties and sitting on his booty too much. Im also going to use him him to help me loosen. Im sure my sadomasochistic mood will help. I have my tramp tightly tied in a leather arm binder linked to a gam spreader. I also have his testicles tightly tied, and stretched with a leather strap. He is in a very painful, and stressful position. His ass is going to be severely whipped. As I begin whipping, my slave is already feeling the strain. He cant get free, and has to remain in that position with every stinging lash from my whip. Its not long before his ass is changing colour. As his squeals get louder and louder, I want to make him suffer more. So I get a couple of weights and hang them on the strap thats binding his balls. As it tightens he lets out a whine. With his balls turning purple, Im taking pleasure in his suffering and I continue to painfully lash his ass. Leaving him with the autograph of Mistress .