Mistress Gaia – Ballbusting Challenge Two

Today with my friend Alisha, we are going to have the ball busting challenge part two. We have added another slave to increase the competition. Well see just how much our slave can take. We have had them locked up in the box while patiently waiting for us to arrive. As we release them, they crawl to their positions where we stand them in line to have their boner and ballsack tested. Its time to begin the competition and we tell our slave to make themselves ready. The rules are plain. Last to remain standing will be the be the winner. To get heated up, we begin with some soft kicks. We dont want to injure our bitches just yet. As our slaves begin to buckle, we determine its time to increase the competition. We eliminate our boots, and embark to really kick those ball a lot harder. Its not long before our slaves begin to drop, and one a a time remain down. With only one of them still standing, we give him his last pulverising kick. As he fall to the floor, he is rewarded with some trampling and allowed to kiss our feet. Its been a great competirion, and Alisha and myself are worthy ballbusting .