Mistress Gaia – Beautiful Heels Of Pain

Im in the basement with my friend, and we have a stuborn bitch of a slave that thinks he can do as he likes. We are going to switch his attitude. I ordered him to lie on the floor and told him we have a special treat involving something to do with feet. He thinks hes going to have some footworship involving his tongue. Not With me wearing my beautiful Louboutin stiletto heeled footwear, and my friend wearing a fresh pair of gorgeous stiletto heeled boots, we treatment him. I very quickly make him aware that we are not going to give him a effortless time, and hes going to suffer a superb deal. I begin by holding his head down on the floor, pressing with all my weight. While my friend digs her high-heeled slippers into his ballsack. Our bitch realizes hes now at our grace and is not going anywhere. He attempts to get up off the floor, however we both stand on him with our full weight, digging our heels into his flabby belly and legs. He squeals a lot, so I decide to shut him up by giving him some hand over mouth smother. Then as my friend gets him to lick the sole of her boots, I squeeze his nipples while giving them a few slaps for good measure. His squeals for mercy go unoticed as we continue to make our bitch suffer. We are having great fun, as we continue pulverising his whole body like an old .