Mistress Gaia – Beautiful Stinging Lashes

Once again Im joined by my beautiful mistress friends. We also have two slaves, and they are going to love providing us good pleasure in making them suffer. We have one slave trussed to the cross, and the other on on his knees underneath him, in a very stressfull position. We each select our whips of choice, with me taking my dearest bullwhip. Its going to be a good test for our bitch slaves, with one taking his lashes on his beck, and the other with his booty and testicles exposed. We begin heating them up with some stinging strokes, its good to hear the sound of our whips as they all have different sounds as they find their marks pun intended. Its not long before our bitches begin to whine and squeal, as we continue to beat and whip them from all angles. Of course, that only makes it more fun hearing them squeal like little piggies as the welts begin to appear on their skin. When they finally think they have had enough, we decide to leave them to suffer. However, it will be short lived as we are not going anywhere. The day is young, and we may come back with a another painful selection of beautiful stinging .