Mistress Gaia – Black Asphyxia

Dressed in total black leather, today Im going to love suffocating this slave, tied to the wheelchair, downright immobilized and masked, with no possibility of movement, ready only to sate my fads. I love making him suffer with spandex: I completely wrap his head with a latex sheet and tighten it more and more, until there is no openings, until he suffocates. As the play, pleasant for me, painful for him, goes on, he starts to wriggle more and more and his resistance becomes weaker; but I dont care, because I want to have fun and I dont want to stop just because he cannot resist no longer. When he thinks that the torture is over, as a last gift, I leave him with thge latex hood on his head which prevents him from breathing...... and now you suffer, at the hands of black asphyxia!