Mistress Gaia – Black Magic

Im feeling very sadomasochistic today. I have tightly packaged my slave in Black clingfilm, and roped him to the bed. Hes downright vulnerable and theres no escape. I have also determined to have some joy, and put on a pair of soft leather gloves. I think he understands that Im going to make him suffer. I sit beside him and show him my beautiful soft leather gloves. Then quickly place my hands tightly over his mouth. I enjoy seeing his eyes bulge as he gasps for air. Theres no compromise, as I continue applying the pressure to stifle his every breath. He squirms and sucks on the leather, and I know hes getting desperate. Its extremely hot inside his tightly bound clingfilm cocoon. However, Im going to suck out his last breath as he enjoys the special powers of my Black .