Mistress Gaia – Boot Domination Day

Im wearing a pair of beautiful crimson boots, and my fuckslut of a slave is going to idolize me by munching them. Its not going to be effortless for my bitch, as I have him entirely packaged in cling film and tightly corded with pvc gauze. He cant escape. His movement has been restricted to that of a worm. So adequate a description for my worthless cockslut. I also have him in a taut stocking mask, and I can use it to control his head and neck. To begin I put a dog collar and leash on him, and he must go after me to where I want him to slurp my boots. Im so amused at the way he can only wriggle and wriggle as he desperately tries to keep up with me. I finally manage to get him where I want, and tell him to start kissing my boots. I dont think hes doing a good enough job, so I decide to give him some incentive. I grab hold of his stocking mask and pull on it, this caused it to become extremely tight around hid head and face. Making breathing extremely difficult as the silky stocking tightens more and more. Its such a great way to control my slut as he is completely helpless. Using that tongue of his, I want him to lick my boots. So I cut a small slit in his stocking mask, and tell him to get licking. He still finds it extremely difficult, and I continue to make him suffer as I pull it tighter and tighter. I so enjoy hearing him gasp as he struggles beneath my boot. As I have some shopping to do, I eventually decide to give him a break. I put the lights out leaving him to wriggle and squirm in the dark, until I decide to return for another boot domination .