Mistress Gaia – Bound Left Squirming Overnight

My slave has not been doing what I tell him. As a penalty I ordered him to kneel in a corner of my basement until I determined what to do with him. I was making some calls and looked up to find him wandering around. He said he dreamed to spread his gams. I was furious with hiSs disobedience, and Im going to make he doesnt wander around anymore. I get some wire and tightly truss his arms and gams so he cant budge. Then I place him in a spandex bodybag and zip it up, with a spandex hood over his head to finish him off. Hes downright vulnerable and embarks to struggle, I tell him hes not going anywhere. As a punishment he will spend the whole night in tight latex bondage. I put out the light, and leave him in the dungeon. When I return in the morning he still shows signs of pathetic stuggles to get free. Of course he cant escape. As he squirms inside the latex body bag, begging me to let him go. However, Im going to continue with his punishment. I tell him to be quiet, and assist him with some hand over mouth smother. His struggles become more frantic as he gasps for air. Its so amusing to see those hands of his pressing against the latex and getting nowhere. I decide to really make him suffer, as I facesit on him and give him the pleasure of my silky pantyhose with a tight ass smothering on his face. He struggles desperately and is extremely hot inside the latex body bag. I ask him if he has learned his lesson and wont disobey me again. I dont bother listening to his response. Im just going to make sure by leaving him in his bondage for another night. Perhaps then hell understand what it means to serve Mistress .