Mistress Gaia – Branded By My Bullwhip

I have been looking forward to this session all day. My slave has dared to question me about a duo of things. When I told him to shut up or be penalized. He challenged me, telling he could withstand any penalty I have for him. Indeed? I dont think I ordered him to undress and strung up him up by his arms. Hes going to practice REAL ache. As he wriggles and wriggles, I bring out my bullwhip and begin to whip him. Hes not such a loudmouth now as make my lashes stronger and more severe. His squeals for grace are music to my ears. Of course Im just getting warmed up, as I continue to whip him harder and harder. As he spins around Im making a nice pattern on his body, and having so much fun listening to his pathetic squeals. Its time for a change. So I bring him down, and he thinks his punishment is over. Not I then hang him upside down, and continue where I left off. Theres no escape, as my stinging lashes bite and leave their mark. My bitch will soon be completely broken, and all thats left is for him to worship under the feet of Mistress .