Mistress Gaia – Caught My Bitch Kissing My Lamp

I ordered my slave to clean my basement. I arrived back early to attend to a few things, I heard my slave in a corner of the basement and he attracted my attention. Hes so stupid and had no idea I was watching him. While dusting my lady statue lamp, I caught him smooching the feet of the statue. What a stupid fuckslut. I think he was imagining it was my feet, Im not sure. However, I get hold of him and give him and ask him what he thinks hes doing? I give him a duo of smacks and tell him Im going to penalize him. I put a taut leash on him and haul him to the floor. His protests are instantaneously muffled, as I quickly put my arms over his mouth to shut him up. He cant breathe, and I use my hips to tightly crush his head while keeping it in place. I tell him Im going to make sure he doesnt do anything like that again. His writhing efforts to escape are useless, as I continue to tightly press down and place both hands over his nose and mouth. Im having great fun as my bitch struggles to breathe. Its hot so I remove my jacket, and decide to really make him suffer. Placing his head between my legs, I squeeze his head as tight as I can. He begins to gargle and choke as I apply the pressure. Finally, I decide he has had enough punishment for now. I order him back to his cleaning, reminding him that if he disobeys me again I will use my bullwhip on .