Mistress Gaia – Chastity Footlicker

Custom-built REQUEST - If possible I would like a movie where mistress is sitting on the sofa with her beau. After a while he starts staring at her feet. She notices his glares and starts asking him why, telling that she has noticed this staring for some time. After a little reluctance, he confesses that he has a foot fetish and would like to smooch and eat your feet. Reluctantly you agree. However, only under the condition that he wears a chastity ring. You tell him to undress, and you taunt him a little with your beautiful stiletto heels. Then you quickly fix the chastity cage tightly onto his cock, and place the key around your ankle. You tell him to sit beneath your feet at the end of the sofa, knowing he will get aroused and will have to suffer as you allow him to become your chastity foot licker. Suffer for me .