Mistress Gaia – Debt Collection

Custom-built REQUEST - You come into to the room where your bother is laying on the floor. You ask him for the money that he owes you, and he says he will pay you if you can hammer him at fighting. You laugh and point out to him telling my gams are to strong for you, I can lightly strike you. Then you kneel with your two gams on his right forearm and sit on the floor, he attempts to get his arm out but cant escape as you are too strong for him. You then tell him you will allow a count to ten to see if he can get free. As he cant manage to escape, he asks for one more round. You are both standing, and its not too long before you once again have him on the floor. You trap him between your powerful legs, and begin to torture him. You sit on his throat and neck, he cant breathe and begins to choke. Finally he becomes too exhausted, and you stamp on his throat before gaining a submission from him. You leave him on the floor to suffer, and depart with your .