Mistress Gaia – Erotic Sniffer

I have my slave on the floor at the foot of the bed. Hes been in chastity for a while, and I have determined to give him a test. With such a little knob, I want to see if he can jizz. However, there are some rules. My hoe has to sniff and idolize my beautiful feet while I permit him to play with his prick. To begin I get him to loosen my laces with his teeth. Then after I liquidate my boots, he has to get his nose inside and smell my beautiful aroma of sweat. The I allow him the luxury of smelling my socks before removing them. With only my bare feet left for him to enjoy, I tell him he can only cum today, and he must do it while smelling my feet. Or else Ill put him in the glory hole. As he desperately uses his two fingers to hold his tiny throbber, I begin a countdown and as I finally get to end he squirts his mess over his belly. Im so surprised he managed it in time. Its been great fun, and I enjoyed using this tiny cock bitch as my erotic .