Mistress Gaia – Femdoms

Im joined by my beautiful mistress friend here DungeonRoma, and we are going to pleasure ourselves using our wimpy slave. He is masked and on the floor next to the wall, we may determine to put him in chains later, but for now hes going to be under or feet. We begin by permitting him to suck on our beautiful stiletto high-heeled slippers, and munch the feet of our boots. Then its time to see if he can withstand some footgagging. We both take our turn at making our bitch suffer, as we shove our feet to the back of his mouth. His gargling and gagging makes us laugh, and we know hes having difficulty breathing. I stand on his chest as my friend continues to choke him with her feet. Then as we stand with his head between our feet, we take turns at foot gagging him and making him suffer. What a fucking wimp!! We finally allow him to show his gratitude by kissing our shoes, before kicking his sorry ass and telling him to crawl back to his .