Mistress Gaia – Foot Gagging Torture

Today I have my slave on his knees waiting for me. He has been in a strained position with his arms corded for a long time. Its part of a penalty I am providing him. He is also going to adore my feet and learn to obey me in future. I begin by getting him to munch the feet of my sandles, he seems to be having some difficulty and mumbled something as I press them hard against his face. Its time to shut him up, so I determine on some foot gagging. He must keep his mouth open broad, and love the power of my foot as I shove it to the back of his throat. However, the stupid slave keeps moving his head so I have to put a stop to that. I get my leather belt and whip his nipples before pulling it tight around his neck to keep his head in place. If he moves too much he will choke himself. I continue to push my foot to the back of his throat while pulling tightly on the belt. What a great pleasure to see him suffer, and so amusing as his gargled squeaks are stifled by my beautiful feet at the back of his .