Mistress Gaia – Gagged Gasper

Custom-made REQUEST - You have just returned home after a long and intense day, and you cant wait to torment your little slave. As a sadomasochistic and brutal good damsel you chose a slave who is not a fetishist, and hates and finds the idea of having to idolize your feet very abominable. Precisely because you love so much to torment him with your feet, you have worn for many hours a pair of sneakers without skinny socks and your feet are super sweaty. You sit on the couch and call your slave getting on all fours in front of you. You begin to inform him with an arrogant and evil tone that you have your feet soaked in sweat, and that you have not worn your socks and that you intend to make him sniff your feet. He starts begging, and pleading in every possible way and tells you that it deep-throats too much. However, you truly love it and tell him so. To deceive him a little you also say to him it will be ok. You then eliminate your shoe and display him your sweaty feet. At this point he starts to have a series of disgusted faces because they are too sweaty and smelly and it is demonstrable that he is afraid. You take him by the hair and give him a smack laughing as you ram his nose on your feet making him breathe deeply. Then you take off the other shoe, drape it out and proceed to let it sniff your feet As hes making too much noise, you decide to take some duct tape and tightly wrap it around his mouth. He can now only breathe through his nose. You then continue to make him suffer as he has to try to breathe for air, while at the same time sniff your disgusting feet. After a while, you finally remove the duct tape from his mouth and tell him that he will also have to finish licking your feet. He is even more disgusted, and almost nauseated and begs you to stop. Of course, its not going to happen. As you laugh in his face and slap him, making sure he learns obedience while you enjoy making him .