Mistress Gaia – Gagging To Be Ass Fucked

Today, the behavior of this stupid slave, has been unforgivable. He was lazy in obeying my orders, complained about everything, even talked back to my Mistress friends, that I had invited in my dungeon space. We determined to penalize him with a hard whipping on his arse you can still see the marks but, even that, was not enough to switch his attitude. Now, we will attempt another treatment: we are going to ruin his booty. We all are wearing strapons: I wear a big white schlong, the other Mistresses respectively a large black one a black monster, 15 inch long and 3. 5 inches in diameter!!! My mistress friend says that, up to now, nobody has been able to take it but, today, she is so angry with this stupid prostitute that vows that will push it inside him at all costs!! I position the stupid bitch on all fours while my friends make the other slaves suck their cocks. As soon as I penetrate the sluts ass-hole, I start pumping him with all my energy. His moaning soon turns into cries of pain, while he desperately tries to escape his fate. But I have no pity, I keep him down and I push the dildo even deeper inside him. Finally he is resistance is broken and promises to be a good slave. But this is not going to spare him the black monster cock. The slut is position again on all four,...... will he be able to take it?