Mistress Gaia – Homework Lesson

Custom-made REQUEST - I would like a movie where you are a mother and your waiting for your son to arrive home from school. However, hes late and it makes you anxious. When he eventually does arrive home, you question him as to what hes been doing. He tells you that he was stringing up around with his friends. You remind him that he hasnt done his homework regularly, and that its not good enough. You tell him that you have determined that he must be disciplined. He attempts to ask for your forgiveness, however you are having none of it and order him to undress. Once hes stripped you quickly put him over you knee and begin to spank him. As you need him to understand your not going to put up with his nonsense, you are going to give him a severe hitting. With the use of a cane, and carpet beater. You set about giving him a painful homework .