Mistress Gaia – Judas Priest

Today Im with two of my beautiful mistress friends. One of them would like to baptize our priest, and make him our obedient slave. I thought the use of my throne would be very adequate, and determined to share it with her for the ceremony. As we begin, our priest is appropriately on his knees ready to receive the instruction of his initiation. He looks up at his mistress, and as she speaks to him he becomes hypnotized. He is instructed to obey, and embrace her religion, and be her slave. As he becomes more and more hypnotized, she instructs him to get ready for his baptism. With my other mistress friend, we pour water over his head to finalize his initiation into his freshly found religion. He then has to showcase his loyalty, and appreciation by smooching our feet. After some more words from his mistress on the throne, our slave is now fully initiated and will become our Judas .