Mistress Gaia – Just Choking

Today DungeonRoma Im joined by my mistress friend, and we have a slave thats going to practice some painful pleasure. I have him on the floor with his palms strapped behind his back, his are gams separated and tightly tied to the spreader bar and raised up on the suspension cable. I have also tightly tied his testicles with a cord, and can inflict agony simply by pulling tightly on the cord. Theres no escape for our bitch, and we are going to make him suffer. We begin with some taunting, as I pull the cord on his nut sack while my friend gives them a few gentle kicks. We then liquidate our footwear and take turns at footgagging him. Its amusing as his ball sack are pulled and he squeals in pain, only to be stifled out with another foot shoved to the back of his throat. We continue to pleasure ourselves making our bitch suffer as we footslap his face and balls. Then its time for his reward. I bring out a vibrator and hold it on the edge of his cock. He squirms as we continue to put pressure on his balls, while at the same time getting him to lick my feet. Eventually, I allow him to cum and we both laugh as his cock pulsates and he squirts his mess onto his belly. We leave him in his mess and bound and on the suspension cable while we go .