Mistress Gaia – My Latex Bound Toy

I left my slave in the house with specific instructions to clean the garden. I arrive home to find him looking into my bedroom. When I questioned him about it and what he was doing, he said he was just nosey. So I told him that since he was so interested, I am going to give him a little bedroom TREAT! However, its not going to be what my slave thinks. I zip him tightly in a spandex figure bag, then put a fetish mask over his head and lay him across the foot of the bed. I leave him there while I make myself a cup of coffee. Its a very warm evening, and he uses up a lot of energy fighting in his spandex restrain bondage bag. I come back and make myself convenient looking to see whats on television. My slave cant stay still, so I warm if he doesnt shut up and stop moving Ill penalize him severely. As I attempt to ease off, he proceeds to fight and truly gets on my nerves. So I eliminate my boots and begin to throttle him with my feet. As he fights to breath, I tell him to be more quiet. Its not working. So I liquidate my jeans and determine to make sure of shutting him up. I sit on his face providing him a good butt strangling. Its so amusing to see him struggle as he gasps for air under my beautiful ass. Struggling furiously, he pleads with me to let him out of the bag. I so enjoy that look of panic in his eyes as I tell him we are just getting started. I produce a plastic bag and quickly pull it over his head. As he tries to breath, the bag sticks so tightly to his face. I make sure its airtight as I suffocate him with some hand over mouth smother. Asking him if he is enjoying his little bedroom treat? I watch as his eyes begin to bulge while he desperatly tries to breathe in his airtight prison. Im not finished with him yet. Removing the plastic bag, he lets out a huge gasp of relief. Only to be replaced with a tight latex hood. Its so suffocatingly hot underneath the latex. It clings to his body, head and face, while he desperately struggles and sucks on his last dregs of air. I continue to torment him even more. Its so much fun, I take a couple of photos and send them to my friends to let them see my new toy. As for my gasping slave. Hes wishing he had never dared to look into the bedroom of Mistress .