Mistress Gaia – My Latex Pleasure

One of the best ways is to have slave tightly trussed. So I have slave masked tightly packaged in PVC gauze. Also, I determined to use my excellent sling suspension. With wrist and ankle restrain bondage restraints to secure slave. I elevate him above the floor. This will make sure he cant crawl anywhere to escape my penalty. Once in mid-air I begin to work on my defenseless prey. I introduce one of my favorite toys. A large LATEX sheet. To begin, I tease and taunt slave with the noise of the LATEX, he struggles and knows that I have full control over him. Placing my LATEX sheet over his head a face, I wrap it tighter and tighter. As he struggles to get free, for slave the air gets thinner. My LATEX is now so TIGHT around his head, its like a second SKIN. I control the air, and breathing is impossible. Smother and suffocation is my punishment for disobedience. As my slave struggles, I enjoy watching, and listening to the futile gasps as I control the air. My LATEX pleasure will last all day. Not so sure about slave.