Mistress Gaia – Nipple Torture

Today I have my slave on the table with her arms linked to the suspension cable. Her breast are ganging over the edge of the table, and Im going to give her a little test to see how much agony she can take. You may not know this, but puffies are enormously sensitive areas and its effortless to inflict anguish. I have a lot of weights that Im going to use to make sure my bitch suffers. I begin by fastening a chain with very taut clips to her puffies. This alone make my hooker squeal in agony. Then I get some heavy clips, and begin adding them to the chain. As the weight on the chain gets heavier, and pulls on her nipples she squeals like a little piggy. After a while remove the weights and place my beautiful feet on the chain. Of course, as I press downward on the chain with my feet. My bitch squeals for mercy. Not I want her to suffer. I finally get my shoes and attach them to the chain. They are quite heavy, and my slut gasps and squeals as I leave her there for the rest of the day to enjoy her Nipple .