Mistress Gaia – No Air For You Enjoyment For Me

The last time I used this slave for my enjoyment, he did not behave well because he attempted to use his arms to prevent my movements but this time, I motionless him well: seated, with his back to the wall, fully isolated in a spandex suit, I tied two rods with crimson ropes on both gams, same thing for his arms, totally spread, like a kind of crucifixion but no nails, always and only my ropes! I enjoy teasing him, letting him understand what my sadistic intentions are. I start to plug his mouth with my hand, without neglecting his nose, of course. Two, four, four times, increasing his lack of air more and more. He begins to struggle, perhaps he would like to take off my hands but he cannot, he is completely subdue to my will, to my pleasure and, even if he suffers, I dont have the slightest intention of giving up. Every now and then, I leave a little space between my fingers but nothing more. I give him one last chance and it seems that this .