Mistress Gaia – No Escape From My Bullwhip

For a duo of days now, this bitch of a slave has been restricted in his box in the dungeon space. Hes being penalized, and I also want him to understand that when I need information from him, I know exactly how to get it. I have him naked with his feet roped, and linked to the suspension cable. I elevate him up and have him dangling. Its agreat way to be able to have a 360 degree target for a severe whipping. As I begin, I want him to instantly feel the ache as my whip wraps itself around his body. I quickly get into a nice rythm, and he squeals for mercy as my whip cracks and my lashes begin to produce large whelts on his body. I want him to suffer more, so I circle around him whipping as I go. He wriggles and squirms helplessly triying to avoide my lashes, however theres no escape. Its great fun being able to inflict such pain on my bitch. I will continue to make him suffer as there is no escape from my .